Fees are based on the number of diners and courses, as well as whether or not service is included.  Fees also include the assessment of your needs and preferences, customized menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and storage of all your meals with easy to follow heating instructions, monthly or as needed.


Example Pricing:


  •  Two three-course meals, with one entree and two sides, no service. (dinner for two)  $195 + groceries.
  • Six four-course meals, with one entree and two sides, no service. (small dinner party)  $345 + groceries.
  • Eight four-course meals, with two entrees and two sides, with service. (dinner party with servers)  $595 + groceries.
  • Weekend meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for four (6 entrees, 24 meals).  $495 + groceries.
We work with our customers to schedule events and create menus.  Once the event is set, we require a 50% deposit.  Any changes to the event (date or menu) must be done 2 weeks prior to the event.  For gift purchases, we require 2 weeks notice.  Cancellations must be done 2 weeks in advance as well.  In all instances, there is a non-refundable 25% charge.